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As you can see from the video clips, Wes Beavis has the ability to teach success content in a dynamic way. He incorporates crowd participation, engaging songs, visual aids, stories and humor to drive home his core message of increasing your performance and results. Wes is adaptable to a wide variety of settings and has spoken in many countries around the world to audiences of all ages. Hundreds of thousands of Wes’ motivational books have been sold in several different languages. The following are topics that Wes Beavis delivers in his audience engaging, unique way.
  1. Setting Goals and the Strategy for Achieving Them
    Most people fail not because they lack goals but because they get overwhelmed by their goals once they have set them. Goals can be either the secret to success or the source of frustration and setback. In this topic, Wes Beavis teaches the nuances of effective goal setting and the strategies required to reach the goal. Listen to Wes tell the funny story of his ‘600 Mile Bicycle Ride’ to convey the profound truths of how to reach your goals.

  2. Increasing Personal Performance and Positive Results
    The concept of reaching your potential is misleading! Potential is not a destination. Wes Beavis maintains that the key to success for any individual, business or organization is to finish today having improved on yesterday and to do the same tomorrow. The key is staying motivated to grow, despite a myriad of factors that can easily de-motivate us. Wes wraps up this great message with his powerful story called ‘Hospital Helen’.

  3. Identifying Limitations and Overcoming Them
    Doing more with less is what defines a champion person or organization. There’s no shortage of logical explanations why ‘it can’t be done.’ There is a shortage, however, of people who can acknowledge the realities but find a way to do it anyway. Anyone can succeed if they stop being intimidated by logic and open themselves to solving problems by being creative. Wes weaves his entertaining ’The Handkerchief and The Fourteen Thousand Square Feet of Carpet’ story to drive home the point.

  4. Maintaining Focus in a World of Diversions
    Staying focused is the biggest challenge for any motivated person and organization. Distractions are enemy number one in sabotaging goals. The most defined goal is useless if people lose sight of it along the way. In this topic Wes Beavis outlines the best strategies for maintaining a goal achieving focus, both personally and in your organization. Be inspired by Wes’ personal story of ‘The Song and the $1500 Jacket’.

  5. Building Customer-confidence and Loyalty
    Just below the surface of a difficult person is often a loyal customer or team member. It takes some skill to be able to connect with that person. Learn how to draw out the best in others and win their loyalty. Too many valuable people are lost to us because we can’t look beyond their initial abrasiveness. People are complex and their manner sometimes mysterious. Wes Beavis will help you learn what attracts people to want to do business with you and give you their loyalty. To drive home the teaching, Wes shares his hilarious story of ’Mike, Sam and the Flying Fist.’

  6. Creating an Upbeat Spirit in Your Team
    Statistics prove that people perform better in an environment that is positive and where they feel connected to and valued by their leaders. With limited time and finite emotional reserves, what are the most effective ways of building a positive and productive spirit in your team or organization? Don’t suffer the loss of talented people by failing to make simple connections that will keep them loyal to your team and vision. You will identify with Wes Beavis’ story ‘The Manic Smoke Machine’ which highlights the necessity of being upbeat regardless of what happens.

  7. Developing an Intensity for Productivity and Results
    Being busy is a poor substitute for being successful. Yet it is easy to fall into the trap of being busy and unproductive. There’s no joy in being hard-working with a broke bottom line. Work must lead to bankable results. There is a big difference between activity and achievement. Helping people become intentional about working for results rather than working to keep busy, is the passion of Wes Beavis. In this topic, Wes teaches what it takes to develop an intensity for productivity and results. His personal story ‘Across Australia on Twenty Cents’ helps to reinforce the necessity of questioning your approach if you’re not producing results.

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